Members’ Area




July 1st                     Summer concert at Salvation Army, Ramsgate 7pm. Rehearsal 2.30-4.30pm

Juy 3rd                     Social evening?

July 14th                   Rehearsal for Rochester Cathedral

July 17th                   Rehearsal for Rochester Cathedral

July 23rd                   Rochester Cathedral. 9am start

September 4th          Start of new session

September 12th         Committee meeeting

November 4th            Autumn concert: Israel in Egypt with the Festival Choir. Holy Trinity Church,                                               Broadstairs. 7pm

November 13th          AGM and rehearsal

December 2nd           Advent concert at St Nicholas-at-Wade  7pm


March 10th               Spring concert.

July 7th                    Summer concert

November 3rd           Autumn concert

December 2nd          Advent concert